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Bioorganic Chemistry, Uppsala University

"Highlights of 30-Years of Bioorganic Chemistry (BOC) Research At Uppsala University (1979-2009)" by A. Földesi and J. Chattopadhyaya
Uppsala University Press, ISBN: 978-91-506-2085-6, Distributor:  Bioorganic Chemistry, Uppsala University, 2009.

PUBLICATIONS produced at the Department (Prof. J. Chattopadhyaya's list of publications), Guide to the Publications and links to PDF files of the papers on the list.
EVALUATIONS OF RESEARCH by external agencies and financiers and GRANT's history
RESEARCH PROJECTS Research activities at the department. Research projects, equipment, list of publications etc. Main directions of the research (see the list of all projects here) :
TEACHING Teaching at the department. Student info, schedules, lab guides..
EQUIPMENT Equipment in use at the department.
INFORMATION Addresses, phone, e-mail etc.
PERSONAL Who are working at the department.
LOCAL INFO Information mainly for personal at the Dep't:
  • Work environment (Handlingsplan för arbetsmiljö, Arbetsmiljöplan), 
  • Equality plan (Jämställdhetsplan),
  • Safety controls
  • Safety rules and guides, protocols of safety rounds, duty list, emergency numbers, procedures etc. 
  • Brief description of equipment in general, computers and computer programs at the Department.
LINKS Some useful and interesting links.
"Stereoelectronic Effects in Nucleosides and Nucleotides and their structural implications" by C. Thibaudeau, P. Acharya, and J. Chattopadhyaya, Uppsala University Press, ISBN 91-506-1351-0, Distributor: Bioorganic Chemistry, Uppsala University, 1999.

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